Five Reasons why Travel is right for your mental health

What do you think of when you hear of the word ‘travel’? Do you think of a vacation? Or meeting and greeting new people? Travelling can be exhilarating and exciting; it offers much more than just sipping wine on a white sand beach.

He said that It may not be news that traveling is right for your well being but extensive scientific research shows that exploring new places can perform wonders for your emotional and mental health.

Outlined below are five ways in which traveling can make your mind healthy and happy.

  1. it’s a great stress reliever

The daily demands and stress from work distract us from finding anything interesting and meaningful in life. Thus taking some time off from the everyday hustle and bustle is crucial to recharge, rejuvenate and relax your mind.

There is no better way than to pack your bags and take a trip to any place that is on your list. Traveling helps to promote happiness and assists to get your mind off any stressful situations in your life. This, in turn, lowers your cortisol levels; this makes you feel more content and calm. Being on travel also gives us ample time to reflect on our interests and goals.  A study carried out in 2013 in America showed that among the Americans surveyed, above 80% of them registered a significant drop in their stress levels after one or two days of traveling.

  1. Helps you to reinvent yourself

Experiential travel, in particular to a foreign land can enable you to get a peaceful moment to reinvent and re-evaluate your life. If you accept to take advantage of the travel, it can expand your mind in ways you could never have imagined possible.

Moreover, you learn valuable lessons which help in broadening your perspective, making you more open to the latest ways of doing things and bring your awareness a notch higher. Exploring a new place can give one a fresh start especially if recovering from any major transition in life.

  1. Boosts satisfaction and happiness

According to a study at Cornell University, an upcoming trip can make you substantially happy than anticipation what you feel before acquiring any tangible thing like a house or a car.

 The new experiences and events help in boosting your self- confidence, moods and rewiring your brain.

  1. It makes you mentally resilient

Going to live in a place that makes you feel intimidated and excited at a go can help to toughen you emotionally and mentally. Also facing hardships in the unfamiliar environment and surrounded by new people, will force you to adapt and learn to live a life that is not within your comfort zone.

  1. It improves creativity

According to Adam Galinsky a professor in a Business school in Columbia, visiting a new place and taking part in their local events, can increase your usual cognitive flexibility. It can also enhance the instructiveness and depth of your thoughts, consequently boosting your creativity.


It is advisable that one holds on to the aspects experienced during the vacation or travel that were pleasurable. Keep practicing what you discovered when out there to keep on creating the feelings that you experienced while on your visit.

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Leaving for Seoul? Nine Interesting Sites to Consider

There are more attractions for tourists in Seoul than in any other city in Korean Peninsular. A friend of mine at Pensacola kitchen remodeling was telling me that Seoul city is dynamic and has a vibrant nightlife. Being the capital city of South Korea, Seoul has slowly emerged to be the best tourist destination in Asia.

Below are nine checklists you should make before leaving for Seoul

  1. N Seoul Tower

Let’s start with the obvious. N Seoul Tower is the most iconic landscape in this city. You can almost see it from everywhere in the city. You can view the Seoul landscape and skyline in one of this tower’s LookOut. It is the ideal site for a romantic outing.

  1. Namda Emum Market

When your Korean tour is over, you need to take something back home. If you are planning to buy traditional wares, you can easily find them in Namda Emum market. This market has over 10000 stores so the price is best and everything is available.

  1. Korea Furniture Museum

Koreans like woodenwares. They know how to preserve and polish wood well. At the Korean furniture museum, you will have a look at old furniture, which will help you learn more about the culture of this people.

  1. Bukchon Hanok Village

If you want to know more about Korean history, visit the Bukchon Hanok Village. Here, you will know more about the famous Josean Dynasty and all other families who ruled Korea. Some artifacts are more than 600 years old.

  1. Bongeunsa Temple

Do you like to study Buddhism? Bongeunsa Temple is one of the few temples that allow people to spend a night and learn one or two things as you interact with monks. You can participate at the tea ceremony held every afternoon.

  1. Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park is loved by hikers due to its beauty and elegance. You can enjoy seeing granite peaks and spectacular views of the Triangle Mountain.

  1.  Myeongdong Market

Before you leave Seoul, make sure you buy something only found in Korea as a reminder of your visit. Myeongdong Market has diversity ware like the trending fashion and skin care products. It is situated at the heart of the city.

8 Banpo Bridge

You can visit the Banpo Bridge to witness the world famous largest bridge fountain called the Moonlight Rainbow.

  1. The COEX Aquarium Tours

Just underneath the COEX mall, is the Aquarium Tours. It features almost 100 tanks for the exhibition. It has exciting wildlife like jellyfish and penguin.  The COEX Aquarium Tours is a must visit if you are planning to attend with kids.


Before you travel to Seoul, you need to plan early. There are a lot of attractive sceneries. Choosing what you will visit and what you will not is the challenge. You need to prepare an honest checklist. Choose early enough the sites you want to visit so that you can make the booking on time. The above list can be of much help to you.

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